Alert: Christians Banned from Christmas Parade in the City of Taylor

The war on Christmas has started. Tomorrow, the city council of Taylor, Texas will meet to take action on a 300-page agenda. Buried in this massive document is Agenda Item 13 (pgs. 266-270), a new policy that disqualifies and essentially bans Christians from being a part of city-sponsored events including Christmas parades. Also, if a church or Christian nonprofit wants to participate in a special city event they will be forced by the government to adopt a dangerous and controversial LGBT sexual orientation and gender identity policy that is not even recognized in state law. 

The language of the egregious policy says “Examples of requests that are typically deemed ineligible include…individuals, organizations…who….represent religions…” The city council plans to vote on this tomorrow.

Date: December 8, 2022
Time: 6-8PM
Address: 400 Porter Street
Taylor, TX 76574
Location: Taylor City Hall Council Chambers

            We need your help now to stop this. Contact your Taylor City Council members at the numbers below and let them know you do not support Agenda Item 13.  If you live in the Taylor area, also consider showing up to testify against this item.

District 1 – Gerald Anderson: (512) 639-7752
District 2 – Mitchell Drummond: (512) 639-7530
District 3 – Brandt Rydell: (512) 352-3676
District 4 – Robert Garcia: (512) 365-4665
At Large – Dwayne Ariola: (512) 269-1782

The city council’s move comes mere days after the City of Taylor withdrew a sponsorship for a Christmas parade from a church-based Christian group while having a separate city-sponsored Christmas parade which included an LGBT group and drag queen performers. 

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