Celebrate Texas Independence Day! God Bless Texas

Today, March 2nd, marks the day in 1836 when Texas declared its independence from Mexico, that led later in the year to the successful Battle of San Jacinto where Sam Houston led a diverse group of Texians, Tejanos, and many from other states to victory for Texas Independence over Santa Anna and Mexico.  As a native Texan (at least 5th generation!), I am proud of the history of our state and the legacy of liberty and family values that surrounds us here in Texas and will always be part of the spirit of the Lone Star State.

Here are some local celebrations taking place this week around the Austin area.

As we see numerous conflicts taking place today between Texas’ ability to govern itself without the overreaching efforts of Washington, D.C., we see that the independent nature of Texans and the value of fighting for liberty is still important.

But I am also proud that our state has a rich history of reverence and devotion to God, as evidenced by the many missions, historical churches and cultural traditions of Texas that are faith-based.

So on Texas Independence Day I am thankful that we still have the freedom to display the message “One State Under God”  (see details here )if we want, and I continue to pray that our Lord will answer are often plea: GOD BLESS TEXAS!

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