Breaking! UH Endorses Satanic Abortion Idol

Houston, TX – February 22, 2024: The University of Houston has placed a golden statue of a satanic abortion idol named “Witness” on their campus. This is the same statue transported from Madison Square Park in New York city that caused controversy.  

Prior to the satanic statue being placed, Texas Pastors Council urged the university to reconsider their decision. After consideration, the university decided to halt the placement of the statue. However, shortly after their decision, the 18-foot tall female figured statue with braids shaped like goat horns and arms like tentacles was found featured at the Cullen Family Plaza on the University of Houston’s property. 

There are reports that suggest taxpayer dollars were used by the University of Houston to pay to have this demonic statue transported to Houston.

In regard to the statue, Madison Square Park stated, “in the Abrahamic faiths the horned beast is associated with forces of evil, chaos, and destruction —the devil himself.”

The artist, Shahzia Sikander, noted in a statement, that the statue was, in part, a response to the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

Jonathan Saenz, President and Attorney for Texas Values released the following statement:

“Using taxpayer dollars to endorse and promote Satanic, child sacrifice political beliefs is an act of hostility towards Christians and mothers and babies in Texas. This demonic abortion obsessed effort shows that the University of Houston cares more about creating controversy with cult-like devil worshipping than focusing on education, academic excellence, and job market readiness for students. We ask that the Board of Regents and other common sense leaders at UH do the right thing and remove this monstrosity immediately. ”

Texas Values is walking in protest and prayer in collaboration with Texas Right to Life and several other pro-life groups Wednesday, February 28, 4:00-6:30 p.m. at the University of Houston Cullen Plaza while the university system hosts an opening ceremony.

As a pro-life organization, we love them both, the mother and the child. Texas Values has been instumental is passing key pro-life legislation such as the Texas Heartbeat Law, The Sonogram Law and more. Jonathan Saenz, President and Attorney for Texas Values served as a lawyer for Gianna Jessen, a courageous woman who survived a late-term abortion attempt when she was in the womb and is now a famous pro-life advocate.

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