Breaking-TX School: “Christmas Break” Not Winter Break in New Announcement

Austin, TX – December 21, 2023: This week, the president of the (Southlake) Carroll ISD board announced they will refer to “Christmas and New Year’s break” instead of Winter Break, for the time off that public school students get every year between now and just after New Year’s Day, during a discussion about the district’s school calendar this week.

Jonathan Covey, Policy Director for Texas Values made the following statement:

“Yes, it’s okay to say “Merry Christmas” and call it “Christmas and New Year’s Break” in Texas public schools. We applaud Carroll ISD school board for deciding to reference this school break as ‘Christmas break’ like it has been for so many years, and as Texas state law allows. A bipartisan group of Texas House and Senate members overwhelmingly passed this law in 2013 (HB 308) and Texas Values has been the leading organization that educates people on the law and defends against attacks on Christmas in Texas.”

HB 308 was passing during the 2013 Texas Legislature and continues to educate millions of Texas public school students and parents, and over 12,000 Texas school districts, of their First Amendment protections related to Christmas. To learn more about this law and your rights in Texas, visit

Members of Texas Values policy team are available for comment. Contact Ashley at or call 737-314-2450 to schedule an interview.


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