Breaking! Fort Worth ISD Sex-Ed Program Tainted with LGBT Themes, Publishers Refuse to Make Changes

Fort Worth, TX – February 6, 2024: The Fort Worth Independent School District is in the processing of adopting a tainted and age inappropriate sex ed curriculum “Choosing the Best”. After the Texas Values team reviewed the “Choosing the Best” curriculum once it was available to the public, we found issue with LGBT, condom instructions, a list of drug-based contraception to be used by girls under the age of 18, and the mention of Plan B, which has been known to cause an abortion. As a reminder, Texas law does not require that public schools teach sex education.

“Texas Values aims to remain principled and examine materials carefully that are being considered for kids in public schools. We will not support the Choosing the Best curriculum because of its inconsistent messaging with parent and family values. As always, we tried to work with the publishers to make changes, but they refused. Parents and kids must be considered above products and profit”, said Mary Elizabeth Castle, Director of Government Relations for Texas Values.

In addition to the problematic content mentioned above, there is a “Diversity and Inclusion” document from the Choosing the Best publisher that explains that the curriculum uses “gender neutral” language and other messaging to appeal to the LGBT community. When discussing this issue with the publisher, the publisher would not agree to removing the language because they thought they were following state law to require “Diversity and Inclusion”. The publisher was unaware of the recently passed state law, SB 17, that outlaws “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” in Texas colleges and universities and that there is no such law requiring “Diversity and Inclusion” in public schools in Texas.

Below is the list of issues Texas Values found with “Choosing the Best”

  • A statement celebrating the curriculum as “inclusive” because it can be applied to LGBT students.
    • The curriculum has a “Diversity Inclusion” statement to support this language. (Which the Texas Legislature has banned at the collegiate level and the legislature has not authorized for K-12)
    • The “Diversity Inclusion” statement details how their curriculum is “gender neutral” in order to appeal to the LGBT community.  In fact, the publisher of “Choosing the Best” told us that the reason for the language was to satisfy the LGBT community in Fort Worth ISD.
  • A full-page explanation instructing students how to use a condom. Male condoms and Female condoms are mentioned in teacher’s manual.
  • A long comprehensive list of contraceptives for girls that have been proven to cause health complications for young girls including drug-based contraceptives implanting risky devices in a girl’s body, and tying a girl’s tubes (tubal inclusion), before she is an adult.
    • Also mentions vasectomies for boys.
  • In the addendum of the teacher’s manual, there is a half-page discussion and explanation of emergency contraceptives with specific mention of Plan B One-Step, which can cause an abortion.

Members of Texas Values policy team are available for comment. Contact Ashley at or call 737-314-2450 to schedule an interview. 


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