Breaking! 31-Year-Old Man Benched From Women’s Water Polo Competition in Texas, Texas Values Sends Texas A&M a Letter

Austin, Texas — May 3, 2024: A reliable source has notified Texas Values that the University of Michigan women’s water polo team has decided not to bring their 31-year-old male teammate to the 2024 Women’s National Collegiate Club Championships hosted by Texas A&M University. However, Texas Values plans to monitor the situation closely to make sure fair competition for the college women participating in the competition is protected.

Johnny “Alicia” Paans is a 31-year-old male graduate student who plays on the University of Michigan club water polo team with other women in their late teens and early twenties. He was slated to compete against the Texas State University women’s club water polo team in the first match today.

Texas Values has been active in gathering information on this issue and wrote the president of Texas A&M, General Mark A Welsh, to inquire about school policies around allowing men in women’s locker rooms and their response to a possible violation of the state’s Save Women’s Sports Law. You can read the letter here.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Director of Government Relations for Texas Values released the following statement:

“I am happy that Johnny has allegedly decided to hit the road, but we hope that he does not come back. That’s why Texas Values will closely monitor the situation at Texas A&M this weekend and any events in the future where Texas college women could be forced to compete against men. Texas has clear laws that ensure the safety and fairness for women in college sports. Hopefully, Michigan learns that you don’t mess with Texas women”

To learn more about Texas’ new law protecting women from men participating in women’s sports, visit

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