Bathroom Falsehoods Exposed by Liberal Media

Citing a “Mostly False” rating by PolitiFact, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) hosted a press conference Monday to repudiate bogus claims and wild assumptions made by the Texas Association of Business against the Texas Privacy Act (SB 6) – the law that prevents men from entering womens’ restrooms.

Said Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz:

“The liberal media’s rating of TAB’s report against the Texas Privacy Act as ‘Mostly False’ was well-deserved, as their facts simply do not add up. No data in this report is from real instances in Texas.”

“Houston just had an amazing Super Bowl after the people voted 61-39 percent to keep men out of women’s bathrooms — exactly what the Texas Privacy Act and SB 6 does,” Saenz continued. “Sunday’s Super Bowl is proof that protecting privacy is good for the economy as it generated an estimated $300 million for Texas business.”

Joined by the other co-authors of SB 6, Lt. Gov. Patrick called out the “fearmongering” that has come from TAB report as having negatively influenced prior media coverage of SB 6.

In addition, Patrick announced strong support for the Texas Privacy Act according to a new poll. Sen. Kolkhorst, herself a former NCAA women’s collegiate golfer, said support for the bill is solidifying. According to Kolkhorst, 77 percent of those surveyed in a recent poll support the bill, and 55 percent continue to favor the bill even if it means losing a major sporting event. There is no age or race gap, Kolkhorst noted.

The Texas Privacy Act, Senate Bill 6, protects the dignity and privacy of all Texans in intimate facilities in schools and government buildings. The bill protects private businesses from local government laws dictating restroom, locker room, and changing area policies. Support continues to grow including large and statewide organizations such as Concerned Women of America of Texas, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Texas Eagle Forum, Northeast Tarrant Tea Party, Dripping Springs ISD parents, Stand for Fort Worth, and many more.

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