Austin Tea Party-2,000+ Rally for Real – Change – Now!

Free Market Foundation Legislative Director and attorney, Jonathan Saenz was invited to speak Saturday at the Austin Tea Party on the South Steps of the Capitol.  We talked about parental rights, our work for liberty in Texas and led the crowd in a chant of Real-Change-Now!



101_1188Thousands were in attendance from all over the state to rally and voice their views on the state of our country and their disapproval of the numerous forms of “change” that have been proposed by elected officials, such as:

Cap & Trader, Proposed Health Care Reform, Increased Taxes, Government Bailouts, and attack onParental Rights, and the assault on our U.S. Constitution.

 tea party 001

The counter protest, pictured above, all 6 of them, with one person voicing their opposition to the views of the counter protestors.

South steps of Texas Capitol.  Click for details

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