Austin Rents To Planned Parenthood for $1 A Year

austin city hall (620-240)

On November 1st, the Austin City Council plans to vote on leasing property to Planned Parenthood -property owned by taxpayers- for the grand total of $1 per year. Yes, you read that right $1.

The property is located in East Austin and is worth over $111,000 per year. Planned Parenthood is paying $1 to rent the property and plans to spend $1.2 MILLION in renovations.

One would think Austin City Council would ensure Planned Parenthood would pay their fair share as residents are dealing with school closures and major increases in property taxes to cover costs. Instead, residents’ property taxes are equivalent to Planned Parenthood’s special rent for thousands of years!

Another organization, Austin Life Care, recently sent a proposal to the city to rent the same property for the fair market value. Austin Life Care performs services similar to Planned Parenthood, without killing unborn children, but their proposal wasn’t even considered.

Now that just doesn’t make cents.

Let’s not forget, Planned Parenthood isn’t just any organization. It’s the same organization that has covered up child sex abuse and has been caught on tape discussing the sale of aborted baby body parts for profit.

Urge the Austin City Council to STOP giving taxpayer property to Planned Parenthood!

You can email all members of the Austin City Council here.

Or call your Austin City Council Member at the numbers below:

Mayor Steve Adler: 512 974-2000
District 1, Ora Houston: 512-978-2101
District 2, Delia Garza: 512-978-2102
District 3, Sabino “Pio” Renteria: 512-978-2103
District 4, Greg Casar: 512-978-2104
District 5, Ann Kitchen: 512-978-2105
District 6, Jimmy Flannigan: 512-978-2106
District 7, Leslie Pool: 512-978-2107
District 8, Ellen Troxclair: 512-978-2108
District 9, Kathie Tovo: 512-978-2109
District 10, Alison Alter: 512-978-2110

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