Austin Liberal Poll Shows Support For Failed Liberal Agenda: What A Suprise!

The Texas Freedom Network, an extreme left-wing liberal organization in Austin, that was founded by Cecile Richards, current head of Planned Parenthood Federation, released their poll that reads like a laundry list of failed legislative/policy positions that Austin Liberals continue to lose on when it comes time for elected officials to vote.

Look at the issues polled and then consider this: religious freedom in public schools, attacks on abstinence and promotion of contraception, and policy decisions made by elected officials accountable to the voters, with the help of teachers and professors who are not being coached by Austin liberals (see Steven Green who testified at SBOE meeting) are all issues on which Texas Freedom Network has lost.  Their lobbying efforts continue to fail time and time again.

See Full article on this issue here.

Our quotes contained in the article:

“Since the Texas Freedom Network takes anti-religious freedom and pro-abortion positions and constantly attacks abstinence education, the results of their survey of 900 people are no surprise and are routinely rejected by our elected officials and common sense values of Texas,” said Jonathan Saenz, legislative director and attorney for the Liberty Institute.

“If public school curriculum were left to Texas Freedom Network and their hand-picked list of academics and bureaucrats, we would have censorship in our science classroom and Christmas and Rosh Hashanah would have been cut out of our social studies teaching, while other religious holidays are taught,” Saenz said.

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