Austin City Council Defies TX Abortion Law Through Proposed Taxpayer-Funded Measure

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Austin, TX – July 21, 2022 — Austin City Council is holding a special meeting to use government power to ignore the law now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

The Council wants to fund abortion access with taxpayer dollars, even though abortion has effectively been shut down in the state of Texas, given the recent Texas Supreme Court decision that a district court could not block Texas pre-Roe statutes from going into effect.

Additionally, the City Council is directing city prosecutors not to enforce Texas law that criminalizes abortion. In fact, the Council has a history of defying Texas state laws that protect preborn babies. Since 2019, they have been in litigation over continued funding of Jane’s Due Process which gives underage girls access to abortion. This action is in defiance of SB 22 passed in the 2019 legislative session.

Further, Austin’s City Council has no plans to fund pregnancy resource centers or federal qualified healthcare centers that will help women and children, not only with medical services supporting healthy pregnancies, but rental assistance, diapers, clothing, childcare, and other needed resources.

Texas Values will be present at the City Council meeting to testify against all four measures on the agenda.

Senior Policy Advisor, Mary Elizabeth Castle released this statement on the action:

“Once again Austin City Council is playing politics with the lives of preborn babies. Instead of using taxpayer dollars to help mothers and children in need of assistance, the city is wasting money on programs that will only harm families for the sake of their personal disappointment in Roe v Wade being overturned. Residents of Austin need to speak out against this dangerous political posturing.”

Texas Values remains committed to life and supporting our most vulnerable citizens and their families.


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