Alert! Fort Worth ISD Must Postpone Teaching Sex Education Until Parents and Community are Heard

Last month, Texas Values alerted you of the Ft. Worth ISD SHAC advancing an LGBT, drug-based sex education curriculum that will be headed to the Ft Worth ISD Board of Trustees for a final vote on Tuesday, February 27. The Ft Worth ISD School Board will meet February 27, at 5:30 pm. at the Fort Worth ISD District Service Center, 7060 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas. You may recall some of the details of the “Choosing the Best” curriculum including LGBT content backed by a secret “Diversity and Inclusion” document and other concerns that you can find below. “Choosing the Best” may be “better” than options the school district has chosen in the past, but it still has several concerning issues. At this point in time, the publisher of this curriculum called “Choosing the Best” still refuses to make any of the necessary edits to the curriculum. Additionally, we have learned that the Fort Worth ISD Board of Trustees may nix the recommendation by the SHAC (Choosing the Best) and return to the very radical and drug-based sex education program called “Health Smart”! At the end of the day, the process for respecting parents and choosing a curriculum has not been straightforward and parents have not been allowed to give public testimony!  But the issue is not over! Parents, churches, and community members can still voice their opposition to stop Ft. Worth ISD from adopting the tainted sex education curriculum.

(As a reminder, human sexuality instruction is not required by Texas Law)

  1. Show up alongside Texas Values team members at the school board meeting in full force to ask the board to postpone choosing a sex education curriculum until they can find one that is truly sexual risk avoidance without any hidden agendas or make the necessary changes. Tell the board that more time is needed in the process where parents and community members can review the curriculum and let their voices be heard.  You can sign up to testify at the meeting by calling (817) 814-1956 before 4 p.m. or sign up at the school board meeting before 5:20 p.m.
  2. Bring signs to the school board meeting telling the school board to vote no on adopting a sex education curriculum that incudes LGBT, DEI and abortion supportive and drug-based contraceptive devices.
  3. Submit public comment to the school board before noon on February 27, to [email protected].
  4. Contact the “Choosing the Best” publisher and demand that they remove the LGBT and drug-based, abortion content as mentioned below. Let this out- of- state business know that you do not want this troubling content in Texas curriculum. You can email them a message: [email protected] or you can give them a call at the following numbers: (800) 774-2378 and (770) 803-3100.

Please take these steps to make sure that kids are protected and parental rights are respected! See below for a sample message to send to the school board and details regarding the “Choosing the Best” curriculum.

Sample message:

Dear Fort Worth ISD Board of Trustees,

I am deeply concerned about the “Choosing the Best” curriculum that was recommended by the SHAC and I will be even more disappointed if the Fort Worth ISD rushes to choose a radical sex education program that parents disagree on. The SHAC did not allow for parents or community members to give public comment at the meetings when the curriculum was chosen. The teacher’s guide contains topics inconsistent with family values with LGBT content and promotes dangerous drug-based contraception, including ones that can cause an abortion. These topics and other concerns make the “Choosing the Best” curriculum inconsistent with the state adopted Health TEKS that have been in place since 2020. This district has a history of teaching radical sex education through programs like “Health Smart”. The school district should choose a better option without compromises or leave the teaching of human sexuality to the parents who have the ultimate duty to do so. I ask that Fort Worth ISD postpone teaching sex education and choosing a curriculum until the district can find an appropriate, sexual risk avoidance program. As a reminder, the law does not require you teach sex ed and you must always respect parental rights. Please vote “no” on selecting a sex education curriculum tonight.

See below for examples from “Choosing the Best Curriculum”

LGBT Inclusive Language

How to Put on a Condom

Advertisement of Risky Contraception

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