Alert! Did You Come From a Monkey?

SBOE to Vote on Science Textbooks Next Week!

Tell the Texas State Board of Education to Vote “NO” on Textbooks that push Evolution-only theories, that People Come from Monkeys, and LGBT themes

Were Adam and Eve monkeys?! Don’t allow Texas Science classes to make a monkey out of you and your kids!

Next week, the Texas State Board of Education will vote to approve instructional materials for Science classes for all Texas kids in grades K-12. Many publishers have submitted their materials in order to be selected as the book of choice for Science classes in our public schools. You can view the materials here.

But as with all instructional materials, Texas Values reviews the options for textbooks to make sure that they align with your values and stick to teaching the basics. When it comes to Science classes and instructional materials, Texas Values has traditionally fought to make sure that Creationism, the understanding that God is the Creator of the universe and humankind, is given just as much attention as the theories of Evolution, and the Big Bang Theory. 

We also reject the theory that the ancestor for humankind is “the monkey”. The last time Texas Values was involved in the discussion of Evolution in Science Textbooks was 2011! What happens next week at the State Board of Education can have a lasting impact for Texas students!

Unfortunately, some of the textbooks submitted present Evolution as the predominant or only explanation for how the world began and how life came into existence. One textbook from McGraw Hill has several pages on the history of monkeys and claims that humans evolved from monkeys with several charts comparing people to chimpanzees. One line in the text reads, When did humans appear in primate lineage? p. 123 of McGraw Hill. The book further explains how humans are part of the “great ape family”.

The theory of humans evolving from monkeys has been disputed and is not a commonly held belief shared in academic or scientific settings. Furthermore, the idea of humans evolving from monkeys is inconsistent with our Christian belief of God creating male and female.

If that were not enough, one textbook injects LGBT politics into Science class where it does not belong by telling kids about a famous scientist’s identity with the LGBT community. Another textbook begins with a letter to “Family Members and Caregivers” instead of to “parents” and caregivers in attempt to malign the word “parent”.  Science class should not be filled with political or social ideology, just the facts.

Thankfully, there is one publisher that acknowledges Christianity and other religions as having theories about how the world and life began. The book even suggests that science can coexist with Christian and other religious beliefs on how the world was created.

You can review Texas Values notes on the Science materials here.

If you want to make sure that Christian values are not silenced in Science, then your SBOE member needs to hear from you. The SBOE will take a vote on the Science textbooks on Tuesday November 14, at 9a.m. You can email your SBOE member anytime before the meeting concludes on Friday November 17. If you would like to register to speak at the SBOE meeting to ask for balanced Science textbooks, you must register by Friday November 10, at 5p.m. Sign up to speak for the Tuesday, November 14 meeting  for Agenda Item 1. Leftist organizations who want “evolution” and “belief that humans come from monkeys” to be the only theories taught in schools are planning to show up in large numbers to testify.
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