AG Paxton Files Motion Supporting Life

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AG Paxton Files Motion Supporting Life

Austin, TX – June 30, 2022 Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a motion today to ask the Texas Supreme Court to vacate a temporary restraining order blocking enforcement of state pre-Roe criminal prohibitions on elective abortion. This came in response to the action taken by the Harris County district court that previously issued a restraining order at the request of abortion clinics wanting to violate criminal prohibitions by performing abortions up until the Human Life Protection Act of 2021 takes effect in just a few short weeks.

Director of Policy for Texas Values, Jonathan Covey, issued the following statement:

“We cannot allow unborn babies to be aborted under the cover of an unlawful and political decision by a trial court. I’m grateful Attorney General Paxton is standing up for the law and defending the unborn. Texas has longstanding prohibitions on abortions and now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned it’s more clear than ever before that life is a human right.”

The law is to be strictly interpreted and not suffer the whims of activist judges wishing to legislate from the bench. Texas Values will continue to work to keep Texas abortion-free.

Women experiencing an unintended pregnancy can access a list of helpful resources at


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