Action Still Needed in Carroll ISD After Vote to Delay LGBTQ Plan

Carroll Independent School District (Carroll ISD) met Monday evening and heard 3 hours of testimony from over 100 people on the “Cultural Competence Action Plan” (CCAP). This long, 34-page document includes massive details on how the school plans to increase the presence of LGBTQ groups, curriculum, and special protections over the course of 5 years.

After the Board was unable to secure the votes needed to immediately adopt and implement the LGBTQ plan, they instead voted 5-2 to simply “receive” the plan and take it under further study through board workshops. The board also expressed concerns about wanting to hear more feedback from the community before a vote on full adoption.

Jonathan Covey, our Director of Policy, stated after the 5-2 vote, “It’s notable the board was so confused they changed course and refused to adopt this plan. It would have been better if they directly voted it down. We will continue to fight for parents and students in Carroll ISD who oppose this forced radical LGBTQ agenda because this issue is not over.”

Texas Values Action team members testified in opposition, along with many parents of Carroll ISD students, and members of the Southlake Carroll community. Many expressed concerns over how this plan threatens the religious liberty of students who hold Christian values, pits students against each other, and would cause division and infighting instead of unity. Some parents specifically called it out as a “pre-packed plan with a political agenda.”

An attorney from First Liberty, one of the premier law firms in the county on religious liberty and constitutional issues, also testified about the dangers this plan poses to students of faith. He also warned that it could result in unnecessary litigation for the district.

Some of the details of the plan called for creating LGBTQ focus groups at school, increasing “opportunities” for LGBTQ groups, and for reducing “microaggressions,” which is a buzzword used by LGBTQ activists and leftist organizations to stifle differences of opinion. They do this by declaring some views to be “hate speech” in order to shut down debate.

“The CCAP is the bare minimum,” one witness told board members, “Every institution in the country should adopt something similar.” Several LGBTQ activist witnesses insisted “This is not a political issue.” One witness told the board, “It’s embarrassing to hear Christianity used to oppose this plan.”

Carroll ISD Board members questioned how microaggressions are defined, and expressed concern when the plan says they can be “unintentional” and would be tracked on a student’s disciplinary record. Parents and community members noted in testimony that Carroll ISD already has a student code of conduct with zero tolerance for racism, and this code should be better enforced rather than making an entirely new and heavy-handed policy.

In addition, there was much concern about the possibility of false claims and the absence of any due process stated recourse for the falsely accused. Southlake Families, a group of parents, students, and community members who oppose the plan, put together a petition with over 1,800 verified signatures in opposition.

Please continue to contact the School Board Members directly to express your opposition:

Michelle Moore (Vice President): [email protected]

Todd Carlton: [email protected]

David Almand: [email protected]

Danny Gilpin (Secretary): [email protected]

Eric Lannen: [email protected] 

Sheri Mills (President): [email protected]

Matt Bryant: [email protected] 

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