Action Item: Pressure Builds Against Planned Parenthood In Texas County

The attention and interest continues to build against Planned Parenthood in Corpus Christi (Nueces County) as this issue has been the subject of numerous local and national media interviews and the local support to ban funding for PP continues to grow.  If you live in the Nueces county area or know people that do, we need your help to contact the Nueces County Hospital District and urge them to reject Planned Parenthood Funding for teen pregnancy prevention. 

Call this # (361)808-3300.

Talking Points:

* PP’s methods of comprehensive sex education has not worked in Nueces County, though they have received government funding for many years.

* PP is a highly controversial organization and is a danger to women

* PP clinics in San Antonio were recently ordered to cease and desist by the Texas Dept. of State Health Services for performing abortion illegally at unlicensed clinics.

* PP has a vested interest in the failure of teen pregnancy prevention-they are the largest providers of abortion in the U.S. and they stand ready to abortions when their “comprehensive sex-ed” fails.

*PP fights to under abstinence-based education, parental rights and informed consent.

*PP supported HB 741 and HB 1567, legislation which failed to received sufficient support by the 2009 Texas Legislature-goals of these bills were to drastically undermine the teaching of abstinence in Texas.

* PP has opposed efforts to inform parents about “reproductive” decisions of their female children.

* Abstinence-based education works: (since 1991)(Federal funding for Abstinence Education began in 1996):

-Teen pregnancies are down 24%

-Teen births are down 22%

Teen abortions are 42%

*  Parents Support Abstinence-Based Education:

– 2007 zogby Poll: 8 of 10 Parents  support overall approach of abstinence education

– Most parents reject comprehensive sex education promoted by Planned Parenthood.


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