Special Update Coming Today in U.S. Senate Healthcare Vote!!

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Texas Social Studies Hearing Today-Live Blogging!

Click here to see our talking points for the November 2009 SBOE Hearing on this issue. Social Studies TEKS testimony November 10:00 p.m. Local educator testifying,...

Learn More About the Work of Free Market Foundation!!

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New Details on Texas Social Studies/Christmas Debate

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Texas Social Studies, Round Two: Hearing Next Week!

Will Christmas stay or go? Will Columbus be buried in a lone corner of the curriculum? Will our state and national religious heritage be changed?  And...

Planned Parenthood Loses; Former Director Turned Pro-Life Advocate Prevails in Texas Showdown

Click here for details.  http://www.theeagle.com/local/Judge-denies-issuing-restraining-order-against-former-Planned-Parenthood-directo