Your Calls/Emails are Working-Keep them Coming! Call Your State Board Member Now!

Many of you have already emailed or called your State Board of Education (SBOE) member and we’re hearing that thousands of messages have been received urging the SBOE to vote for the current 20-year policy of teaching the strenghts and weaknesses of all scientific theories.  More and more Scientists have also felt the call to stand up and say what’s right when it come to Science in Texas.  Many will testify tomorrow at the hearing and will be standing alongside us in this battle.  Many Texas House members have also signed a letter to support the strengths and weaknesses language.

 In a day where everyone’s attention is focused on the national Inauguration, we want to ask you to please make a phone call for the sake of Texas.  The State Board of Education meets tomorrow to hear testimony before they vote on whether or not to keep the policy of teaching strengths and weaknesses of all scientific theories that has been in place for 20 years.  Liberal extremists are trying to change that basic scientific approach because they don’t want any weaknesses of evolution mentioned when all science theories are discussed. Changing this policy would pervert the normal scientific approach and would stunt all kids’ educational growth!  Please do not stand by as the State Board of Education votes on whether or not to remove the requirement of teaching scientific weaknesses to Texas children! 

See story here-evidence of close-minded approach to teaching science.  


Rene Nunez – District 1, El Paso area   (915) 351-9923  
Mary Helen Berlanga – District 2, Corpus Christi area (361) 881-1000
Rick Agosto – District 3, San Antonio area   (210) 226-7106  
Lawrence A. Allen, Jr. – District 4, Houston area   (713) 433-4643   
Ken Mercer – District 5, San Antonio area   (512) 463-9007  
Terri Leo – District 6, Spring area  (281) 257-0836  
David Bradley – District 7, Beaumont area  (409) 835-3808 
Barbara Cargill – District 8, The Woodlands  (281) 465-8095  
Don McLeroy – District 9, College Station area  (979) 255-2538 
Cynthia Noland Dunbar – District 10, Richmond area  (512) 463-9007 
Patricia Hardy – District 11, Fort Worth area  (817) 598-2968  
Geraldine Miller – District 12, Dallas area  (972) 419-4000 
Mavis B. Knight – District 13, Dallas area  (214) 333-9575 
Gail Lowe – District 14, Lampasas area  (512) 556-6262 
Bob Craig – District 15, Lubbock area  (806) 744-3232  

Click here if you don’t know which Board member represents you.

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