Stand Up For Religious Freedom…Tomorrow!

This Friday, June 8th, the second nationwide “Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally” will be taking place in 160 cities across the country. Tens of thousands turned out across the country in March for the first rally in 145 cities and with 160 cities set for Friday, turnout could be even higher for the second rally.

Come stand with thousands of other Americas in demanding that all of our health care laws respect religious freedom. Now is not the time to site idly by while the feds force all employer health plans to provide abortion-inducing drugs, free contraceptives, and sterilizations, regardless of any conscience or religious objections.

Liberty Institute’s Jonathan Saenz will be speaking at the Austin Rally at the Texas Capitol, so be sure to join us if you are in the Austin area.  Check out the Austin Rally Facebook page here.

Austin Rally Details:

Friday, June 8th at Noon
Austin, TX
Texas Capitol, 1100 Congress Ave..

Other cities in Texas will be having rallies as well, including: Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, Del Rio, El Paso, Houston, New Braunfels, and McAllen.

For more information on other rallies in Texas and across the country visit

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