RELEASE: Texas State Court Temporarily Halts Child Gender Modification Ban Law

***UPDATE: Friday, August 25th, 6:15 PM

JUST NOW: Texas Attorney General Files Appeal to Texas Supreme Court, Blocking Bad Ruling by Judge on Child Gender Transition Law

Austin, TX – Late today, the Texas Attorney General’s Office filed an appeal directly to the Texas Supreme Court, automatically putting a “stay,” or halt, to a district judge’s ruling which had attempted to block the state’s enforcement of SB 14, the Texas law protecting children from “gender transition” procedures and treatments. This filing stays the ruling pending a decision by the Texas Supreme Court.

Jonathan Covey, Director of Policy, Texas Values released the following statement:

“As predicted, the State appealed to the Texas Supreme Court, blocking a bad ruling that threatened to completely remove a critically important protection for Texas children. Nothing has changed, and come September 1st, kids will have a chance to get real help, not false hope.***

***Original Post: Friday, August 25th, 4 PM

Austin, TX – Today, a state court judge in Travis County put a temporary restraining order on the Texas Attorney General’s Office, the Texas Medical Board, and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission from enforcing Senate Bill (SB) 14, the ban on child gender transition treatments and procedures passed in the recent regular Texas legislative session.  

Jonathan Covey, Director of Policy, Texas Values released the following statement:

“Butchers for hire are tearing kids apart and they must be stopped. We applaud the Texas Attorney General’s office for their life-saving legal work and we’re certain this temporary ruling will be reversed.”

A court hearing on the merits of the case has been scheduled for May 6, 2024.

Texas Values is the leading faith and family organization in Texas which led in every phase of the passage of SB 14.

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