King Street Patriots Publicizes Financial Records, Calls For Texans Twogether, Texans for Public Justice To Do The Same

According to PR Newswire: “Today, Kelly Shackelford, president/CEO of Liberty Institute, released the following statement on King Street Patriots’ opening their financial records to the public:

King Street Patriots has always had their transactional reports available to the public.  They are now available online.  As anyone can see, there has only been $87,000 in donations over the group’s entire existence.  This shows what a joke of a lawsuit this is.

“We call on Texans Together Education Fund d/b/a Houston Votes and Texans for Public Justice to make their records public as well unless they are embarrassed to have received a combined total of nearly $100,000 from liberal activist George Soros.”

For more information, visit and

For more details on this case and examples of inappropriate election activities in Texas, click here.

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