Exposed: Why Austin ISD Must Scrap Radical Sex-Ed Targeted at Young Children

Outrage continues to build amongst parents and community leaders over Austin ISD’s plans to adopt a radical new pro-abortion and pro-LGBT sex-education curriculum for grades 3rd-8th.

In middle school, AISD is planning to adopt a curriculum called Get Real created by the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. In 3rd-5th grade, AISD is planning on adopting its own curriculum written by “district administrators” that is equally as troubling for elementary students.

To date, AISD has only hosted 1 meeting to give parents the opportunity to review the curriculum. The meeting was hosted during the last week of school in late May, and the several dozen parents, including a member of the Texas Values team, attending had to fight over a single full copy of the curriculum provided by AISD. It is likely the meeting was specifically designed to prevent any parent attending from reviewing the entire curriculum.

Below is a brief rundown (including pictures) of just some of the graphic and egregious materials AISD wants to use to indoctrinate children:

-Encourages students to engage in sexual “role-play” scenarios that would be graded by the teacher. This includes one situation where two girls have to act out as lesbians having oral sex and another where children pretend to get drunk.

-Promotes dangerous sexual activity among children such as anal and oral sex, and masturbation.

-Discourages the use of the words “mom and dad” and “male and female.”

-Students are given a sexual orientation vocabulary test on words like “pansexual”, “bisexual”, “asexual”, and “homophobia”.

-Teaches children their gender is not determined by biological sex but instead is based on their feelings.

Other concerns:

Teaches children how to enter into romantic relationships with adults.

-Promotes homosexuality and “gender fluidity” as early as elementary school.

-Teaches children that not having a crush in life means that their sexual orientation is questioning and indoctrinates them to choose a “sexual orientation” before they develop romantic attraction.

-Violates state law by redefining abstinence and not teaching it as the preferred choice.

-Encourages teachers to invite an HIV positive person to speak to the children and wants the children to write inspiring letters to the HIV positive stranger.

On Monday, June 17, Texas Values and concerned Austin parents attended and testified at the AISD School Board. Texas Values spoke in opposition to the new curriculum and warned the school board that moving forward with the Planned Parenthood curriculum could put the school district in violation of SB 22, a new pro-family state law championed by Texas Values that bans local governments from contracting in any way with abortion providers or their affiliates.

Making public comments at the last meeting before the AISD Board breaks for summer was crucial in warning the board that their curriculum choices are harmful, outrageous, and likely illegal.

While the board had originally planned to rubber stamp the new curriculum at the June 17 meeting, AISD has delayed final approval due to the legal concerns created by SB 22. Instead of updating parents on the timing or status of the sex-education decision, the school board remained mum about the curriculum at the June 17 meeting.

But the board did have time to adopt an updated “non-discriminatory” dress code policy that will “let students bare more skin” and allow boys to wear girls’ clothing to school (and vice-versa). While the Planned Parenthood sex education curriculum is up in the air, the board is running out of time to adopt materials for the upcoming year. The board does not meet in July and will not meet again until August 26.

News reports claim that August 26 is now the expected date for the final votes on the sex education curriculum. The delay in a final vote provides a great opportunity for parents, faith leaders, and concerned taxpayers of Austin to rally against this radical and dangerous curriculum.

We continue to encourage our supporters to contact the AISD board and urge the board to scrap the proposed curriculum and completely start the process over by listening to parents.

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