Biological Male Lia Thomas Wins National Women’s Swimming Championship; Proves Need for Fair Play in College Sports

Austin, TX – Last night, the biological male swimmer, Lia Thomas, became the first transgender athlete to win the Women’s NCAA Division 1 National Championships in Swimming. This comes after months of protests from female swimmers and athletes about the unfairness of Thomas being able to compete in female sports.

“Lia Thomas’s victory at the national championship further proves the point that biological males have an unfair advantage in female sports and allowing men to compete against females robs women of victory. Bodies don’t lie and that’s why we have Title IX to protect fair competition for women. Texas will work hard in the next legislative session to make sure college women sports will be protected.” said Senior Policy Advisor, Mary Elizabeth Castle.

Yesterday, Concerned Women for America filed a formal Civil Rights Complaint under Title IX with the U.S Department of Education against the University of Pennsylvania for refusing to protect the rights of college female athletes by letting Thomas compete against the women. The complaint mentions the unfairness of Thomas competing against females and the privacy concerns female athletes have in the locker room where Thomas is allowed to undress and shower.

Texas Values led the efforts in the 87th Regular and Special sessions to pass the Texas Save Women’s Sports Bill, HB 25, authored by Rep. Valoree Swanson that makes sure that middle school and high school athletes compete in the category based on the sex on their birth certificate.

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