Abortions Are Down in Texas, Once Again: That’s a Good Thing, Right?

Stop the presses, abortions are down again in Texas!!  Obama, Clinton and other liberal figures are succeeding at making abortion “rare”, right?  You’ll find a hard time finding anything in this article that sounds like praise, joy, excitement, happiness, that abortions are down.  Because if abortions are down, that means abortion providers and supporters are making less money.   It also means that abstinence-focused education might also actually be working (even though it’s common sense and know by all that abstinence-focused education works better than others).  See the article here. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/7377293.html

Quote by Susan Tortolero, director of the so-called “Center for Health Promotion & Prevention Research at the University of Texas School of Public Health”: “It’s good news as long as the number of unplanned pregnancies are being reduced. That should be everyone’s goal.”

Are you an “unplanned pregnancy”, because it should everyone’s goal to reduce them!  How ridiculous.  Even if you’re married and have financial security, etc., if it’s a so-called “unplanned pregnancy”,  the child should die, it seems is the view here.
“It’s hard to know exactly what to make of Texas’ numbers, what’s driving them,” said Susan Tortolero, director of the Center for Health Promotion & Prevention Research at the University of Texas School of Public Health.”

But later in the article Tortolero says that we need more comprehensive health care, suggesting that Texas’ sex ed policy is the reason that abortions are down, but yet we should change course.  Huh?

Truth is,  in Texas since adopting a abstinenc-focused policy (not abstinence only), teen births, teen abortions, and teen pregnancies are all down.  That’s a good thing, right?  So why do we need to change our policy?  Oh, so Planned Parenthood can make more money by peddling their failed sex education programs to blind school administrators.

Later, Tortelero blames Hispanics for the drop in abortions.  “Tortolero said one reason for the continued Texas decrease might be the state’s increase in Hispanics, who went from 25 percent of the population in 2000 to 36 percent of the population in 2009. She noted that Hispanic women are less likely to undergo abortion.”

Oh, I bet that just burns these pro-abortion folks up, how dare these Hispanics not choose abortion.  These people are flooding the Hispanic communities with Planned Parenthood billboards and massive buildings to perform abortions, and the abortion numbers in Texas are still going down. 

As a fellow Hispanic, I’ll take that as a “thank you”.

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