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Resources for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women in Texas: You are not alone.  There are many resources right here in Texas for you to help you and your baby with your medical, emotional, and practical needs.  Some of the help may include maternity and baby clothing, food, furniture, temporary shelter, medical resources, adoption resources, counseling and mentoring services, assistance with education and career decisions, as well as pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting classes.

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343 Pregnancy Resource Centers in Texas.
Find an Affiliate nearest you here.
OR Call 800-712-4357.

168 Pregnancy Resource Centers in Texas.
Find an Affiliate nearest you here.
OR Call 877-791-5475.

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director, has independently founded to help women get the resources they need.
OR Call 888-550-1588.

Find out more here.
OR Call 888-919-3025.

Case management support for parents carrying to term. Visit BNA website to be connected with a care coordinator.
Resources for Texas families facing infant loss
Life-affirming & accurate info on a variety of possible prenatal diagnosis & a place to find support.


Jonathan Saenz, President & Attorney for Texas Values Explains How Pro-Lifers Care For The Livelihood Of The Mother on the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast
Rick Santorum, Former U.S. Senator (R-PA) and host Jonathan Saenz, President & Attorney for Texas Values discuss matters of life, #trisomy18 and zone in on the fact that every life is precious on the Texas Values Report.
Texas Values Report with special guest Jacquelyn Smith, Mth Trisomy 18 Mom, Pro-Life Educator & Activist and host Jonathan Saenz, President & Attorney for Texas Values
Managing Pregnancy and Beyond with Trisomy 18: A Curbside Consult, Stat! Webinar by: AAPLOG

For the 2024 Texas Rally for Life, Jacquelyn Smith, Mth, Trisomy 18 Mom, led the effort to print these signs. Texas Values was happy to partner with her to amplify this issue and her testimony.

Latest Statistics

The Thriving Texas Families program (formerly Alternatives to Abortion) receives a federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant and state General Revenue funds to support services for pregnant women, their families, and for adoptive parents.  According to the report, services are delivered through contracted service providers, including pregnancy centers, social service providers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes for pregnant women. To view the full 2023 Alternatives to Abortion Report, click here.

The Impact Differences in Care Have on Survival Rates for Babies with Trisomy 13 and 18

  • 36% of the babies with a prenatal diagnosis died in <24 hours; 47% survived to discharge.
  • 1% of the babies with a postnatal diagnosis died in < 24 hours; 87% survived to discharge.
  • Prenatal diagnosis is the strongest independent factor negatively associated with longevity.

Read more of this study by Be Not Afraid: Parental hopes, interventions, and survival of neonates with trisomy 13 and trisomy 18 – PubMed (

Press Releases

January 26th, 2024 – Abortion Survivors, Texans Rally for Life at Capitol

January 19th, 2024 – BREAKING: 100,00 Babies Saved From Abortion – Why We March 

January 3rd, 2024 – Another Texas Pro-life Victory: 5th Circuit Rules that Biden Cannot Force Texas to Kill Babies  

December 15th, 2023 – The United States Supreme Court Agreed to Hear a Texas Case Regarding the Deadly Chemical Abortion Pill  

December 11th, 2023 – Release: Disabled Baby Protected; Texas Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Lower Court Ruling on Abortion  

July 24th, 2023 – Press Release: Roe v. Wade Reversal Anniversary – Life Keeps Winning In Texas  

February 24th, 2023 – VICTORY! Pro-Life Freedom of Speech Upheld by Texas Supreme Court 

December 1st, 2022 – Take Action Now! “War On Woman Bill” Filed By Texas House Member, Wants To Erase “Woman,” Replace With “Pregnant Individual”