Action Item:Your Newborn’s Blood is ‘State Property’! Parental Rights In Jeopardy

In Texas, newborn “blood is collected as part of the state’s 44-year-old newborn screening program, which tests for birth defects and other disorders. No consent is required to collect the blood, and department rules do not require consent to store it, either. Once obtained, it becomes state property.”   Wow, it becomes state property — against our will — without informing us what our blood will be used for?

“In 2002, the health department decided to store the samples so they could be used for possible research and other purposes…”  More details here.  What are “other purposes, like genetic testing and engineering”?

Not only is there a bill filed on this issue, HB 1672, there is now a federal court lawsuit, challenging this outrageous practice.  Click here for details

Original story here.

Tomorrow, Texas State House Members are to vote on how much disclosure and what rights you will have to decide if your newborn’s blood will become state property.  Remember, since 2002, the state was collecting this blood without telling parents.

Tell the Texas House Members you want full disclosure and parental rights for the decision of blood collection for HB 1672.

CALL NOW: Call the Author of this bill HB 1672, Rep. Myra Crownover.  Tell her you support full disclosure and parental rights for the decision of any blood collection of newborn babies.  (512) 463-0582. 

Click here to find your legislator.

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