Yes, Thomas Jefferson Is In Texas Social Studies Standards

On Friday, the Texas State Board of Education increased specific references to Thomas Jefferson from 4 to 5.   I was there at the meeting, I heard it with my own ears.  In March, the SBOE took Thomas Jefferson out of a World History section.  That led numerous media outlets and some political candidates to suggest that Jefferson was out of the standards, completely.  We have been telling people this is not true for months, but it seems that the facts are inconvenient and there are papers to sell and TV ratings to boost, I guess.

So, now Thomas Jefferson has been added back in the only section he was taken out of for 2 short months.  Which means his now back to being referenced in the Texas social studies standards, five (5) times.  Also, the Declaration of Independence that he wrote, is still referenced over 25 times.  Still, some reporters want to report that Thomas Jefferson is out of the standards.  Outrageous.

Page references are based on (PDF) page, not page number at bottom of text (from March 2010 draft, May PDF draft still pending).

He’s in Grade 5, page 35, identified as a “Founding Father and Patriot her(o)…Thomas Jefferson..”. click here to see.

I found Thomas Jefferson in Grade 8, page 23, for “significant individuals that played a role in the American Revolution…..Thomas Jefferson…”

Thomas Jefferson in U.S. Government, page 40 (twice) “the contributions of the political philosophies of the Founding Fathers, including…Thomas Jefferson…”.

Thomas Jefferson was the main author of the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration of Independence is referenced at least 26 times throughout the K-12 Social Studies standards.

Elementary school- p. 18,21,25,30,33,34,38,39

Middle School-p. 3,12,21,22 (twice),27

High School-p. 3,16,24,30,39,41,47,54,62,65,71

Others have attacked the removal of “Enlightenment” from one section of World History.  The Enlightenment

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