Will Texas Transgender/Gender Expression & Identity Bill Lead to a “Bathroom Bill”?

Update: Blog from hearing was updated, to include show of support for HB 2966 by Austin Police Chief, Art Acedvedo.

Just a day before yesterday’s Texas House hearing for special rights for gender identity and expression, HB 2966, the State of New Hampshire approved, by one vote, a law called the “Bathroom Bill.”

This bill allows persons to sue who feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of their sexual identity, or the way they express it, such as with their clothing or makeup.   It particularly relates to workplace discrimination so it’s been dubbed the “Bathroom Bill” as it would allow person to demand use of a woman’s or a man’s bathroom at work, based solely on the way they “identify” themselves, which could change from one day to the next.

We posted a blog entry on this issue here at the Texas Capitol back in March when the “Transgender Day at the Capitol” rolled into to town.  A website for this event listed as one of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)- See FAQ #15

“Will bathrooms be accommodating to transgender participants?“Every effort will be made to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety at the Capitol on Lobby Day. Should questions, comments or concerns about Capitol facilities arise, please contact an Equality Texas staff member.”

Above is a part of the FAQ for Transgender Lobby Day today, at the Texas Capitol.  Is this a sign of legislation to come this session?

Please tell your friends about this and help us defeat HB 2966, which grants special rights and protections in Texas state law on the basis of gender “identity and expression.”   CLICK HERE TO SEE WHO REPRESENTS YOU!

BTW-Wikipedia says about TRANSGENDER-“The precise definition for transgender remains in flux..”   THAT IS CLEARLY NOT THE KIND OF DEFINITION WE WANT IN LAW.

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