VICTORY: Radical Sex Education Fails, LGBT Politics Stay Out of School Standards

Today, the Texas State Board of Education voted for first reading and filing authorization of the Health and Science teaching standards. A bipartisan majority of SBOE Board members voted to reinforce an abstinence-based approach for school children in sex education standards in Health. The elected state board voted against (9-6) efforts to radicalize and sexualize the public school classroom refusing to force the teaching of the controversial topics of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression; which LGBT advocates often use to punish the beliefs of Christian students.

The bipartisan State Board of Education also refused efforts to politicize Science, by voting against adding the words “social justice” to the Science teaching standards after testimony from the public and the content advisors who are experts in the field of science.

“Today, we are grateful that the State Board of Education voted to stick to education and teach children how to live a healthy and productive life as opposed to confusing them with controversial political ideologies. The statewide Health standards look nothing like Austin ISD’s radical sex education propaganda; and efforts to politicize Science failed,” said Mary Elizabeth Castle, policy advisor at Texas Values.

The State Board of Education will have a final vote on these standards the week of November 17-20, 2020.

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