Houston Christians, We Have a Problem

Houston’s Proposed LGBT Ordinance is a Threat to Religious Freedom

Lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker has announced a proposed wide-reaching LGBT ordinance that she plans to fast track into law within the next two weeks. This special rights ordinance is a direct threat to people of faith and traditional morality in the City of Houston. The ordinance would give government new power to force private individuals and businesses to affirm homosexual conduct and actual or perceived “gender identity” or face serious criminal penalties. All legitimate anti-discrimination protections, including race, color, national origin, sex, and religion are already protected in state and federal law. The reality is that this ordinance will only serve to specifically impose “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes onto the private sector of Houston, while centralizing the power of investigation, fines, and punishment under the Mayor.

The ordinance, much like San Antonio’s controversial anti-Christian ordinance, is a direct threat to any person in Houston that holds a biblical or traditional view of marriage or sexuality, whether in government or in business. It is reported that the ordinance will be presented to the City Council’s Quality of Life Committee on April 30 and for consideration by the full council on May 7. Read more analysis of the ordinance.

Update on Good Friday School Attendance Controversy

It came to our attention last week that many Texas school districts, including several in the DFW and Houston areas, made Good Friday an official makeup day for a previous bad weather day. We also received information indicating that some school districts, at least initially, were threatening to give students an “unexcused” absence for not attending school on Good Friday. Further, we have been informed about concerns of school districts specifically requesting a program or “documentation of participation” of how a student chose to exercise their holy day observance, if a student seeks to be “excused.”

As an organization dedicated to protecting the religious liberties of Texans, we quickly took action to educate school districts, parents, and the media that Texas law protects the observance of religious holy days, like Good Friday, for our students and requires school districts to “excuse” the absence. And we expressed concern that Good Friday, an important holy day for millions of Christians in Texas, would be used as a makeup day to begin with. It looks like many Texans agreed with us in our concern. Read more.

Event: Faith and Freedom in the Public Square

Next Friday, May 2 at 7:30 PM – on the campus of Houston Baptist University – Dr. Robert Sloan will be joined on stage with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Marvin Olasky for a candid conversation on the topic of “Faith and Freedom in the Public Square.” This event gives you the chance to hear three prominent voices in the public square engaging in an open, honest and meaningful dialogue about the spiritual and cultural challenges we face as a nation. Get more information.

“Irreplaceable” One-Night Event

Does family still matter in today’s society? On May 6, Focus on the Family will be presenting a new documentary seeking to answer this question. The film will explore why we all yearn to be a part of a family and the causes for family breakdown that are so prevalent in society today. This one-night event will be in theaters nationwide and would be a great event for churches and bible study groups. Get more details at www.irreplaceablethemovie.com.


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