Banning Crosses, Attacking History

University Bans Cross from Players’ Helmets, Then Reverses

Late last week, football players at Arkansas State University were ordered by the school to either remove a Christian cross decal, worn in memory of a fallen teammate and equipment manager, from their helmets or deface the cross by turning it into a mathematical sign. The Freedom from Religion Foundation had complained that the image violated the U.S. Constitution. But in a victory for religious freedom, the University has reversed course and will allow the memorial crosses on the helmets after receiving pressure from a demand letter from our friends at Liberty Institute.

Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz debated the schools initial decision on Fox 7 stating, “It’s outrageous that private speech of individual students is being attacked so viciously by the university simply because the type of symbol the students decided to use, to honor the fallen player on their team, was a religious one – a cross…This is unconstitutional discrimination of the worst kind.”

Read more and watch our interview here.

Protecting Our Religious Heritage in History Textbooks

An anti-Christian group is attempting to stir up media controversy (again) at the State Board of Education over the adoption of History textbooks based on the strong social studies standards adopted by the SBOE in bipartisan fashion over four years ago. Their latest distortion campaign consists of a self-funded report that criticizes textbooks for teaching the “religious influences of the American founding” and for “scant coverage” of the homosexual agenda.

Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz testified at the SBOE meeting this week to set the record straight and expose the history revisionists that seek to attack our country’s religious heritage and seem to have a goal of erasing Christianity from history teaching in public schools. Read more and watch our interview from the SBOE meeting.

‘What is Marriage?’ Dallas Event

Can religious freedom stand if marriage is redefined? Our ‘What is Marriage?’ Event in Dallas on Oct.16 is filling up fast. The event will feature one of the nation’s foremost marriage and religious liberty advocates, Ryan T. Anderson from The Heritage Foundation. You won’t want to miss this free event! Find out more and get your free tickets here.

Join Life Chain on Oct. 5

Sunday, October 5 is the date for the National Life Chain. Stand with thousands of other pro-lifers around the country to pray for an end to abortion. Numerous Texas cities are participating in the “Life Chain” event and will be praying and raising awareness about unborn children and the evil of abortion. Click here for Texas locations.


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