The Left’s War on Women Coming to Texas Bathrooms


This week marked the start of pre-filing bills for the upcoming 2017 Texas Legislative Session. And to no surprise, the radical Left is already continuing its crusade to target the privacy and safety of women and children in bathrooms.

Liberal Democrat Senators Jose Rodriguez (El Paso), John Whitmire (Houston), Sylvia Garcia (Houston) and Senator Kirk Watson (Austin) filed SB 165 which would give special privileges on the basis of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” and would allow biological males to enter female restrooms, showers and locker rooms under the protection of state law.

The bill would essentially force every business in Texas to open women’s bathrooms to men.

Fundamentally, the bill is similar to the Houston “Bathroom Ordinance” pushed by the lesbian former Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker.  Houston voters, on a bipartisan basis, overwhelmingly rejected the radical ordinance last year by a vote of 61% – 39%.

The success of the #BoycottTarget movement this year is a prime example showing that policies allowing men into women’s restrooms and fitting rooms significantly hurts business and puts Texas women in harm’s way. Now, the Left wants our state to force every Texas business to suffer the same fate. The fact is they are refusing to consider what Texas women really want and deserve – privacy, safety, and dignity.

Thankfully, Texas leaders like Lt. Governor Dan Patrick have said that they are going to protect Texas women and children by making a state law that protects the privacy and safety of women in bathrooms a top legislative priority this upcoming session.

We look forward to working with Lt. Governor Patrick on this important bill and to ensuring legislators reject radical legislation like SB 165.

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