The Case Against Joe Straus for Texas Speaker

Update: For More Information about “The Response” Prayer Rally and the numerous religious leaders of various racial, ethnic and denominational backgrounds, click here.

Texas Freedom Network (TFN) was started by Cecile Richards, the current head of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  Planned Parenthood is the largest aboriton provider in the U.S.  TFN’s stated purpose is to target and attack people because of their religious beliefs, specifically “to counter the religious right”.

There will be a rally on Monday, January 10th, at 12:30 p.m. at the north side of the Capitol to ask for “no” vote on Joe Straus for Speaker of the House and a “yes” vote for  a true conservative for Speaker of the House.

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Representatives Warren Chisum and Ken Paxton are also running for Texas Speaker of the House and are known a solid conservatives.

Contact your Texas House Member today!  Click here.

UpdatedJoeStrausforSpeakerPledgeList  Rep. Beverly Wooley recently added her name to this list.

Joe Straus was Selected in 2009 as Speaker By 65 Democrats & Only 11 Republicans:

Joe Straus has Strong Planned Parenthood/NARAL Support:

Under Straus, Choose Life License Plate Bill Denied:

  • This bill never received a regular hearing, because Democrat Chair, Joe Pickett opposed the bill.
    —  This bill only received a subcommittee hearing and no vote was ever taken on this bill in committee. Instead, extraordinary measures had to be taken over and over to keep it going through the process by amending similar language to other bills, and still it ultimately did not pass and become law.
  • Straus appointed Joe Pickett to this committee.
  • This bill had Bipartisan Support (83 of 150 Members had Signed on to support it).

Under Straus Sonogram Bill Denied:

  • SB 182 passed the Senate on May 1st and took almost a month for it to reach the House Calendar. When it did (May 26th), it was too late.
  • Bipartisan support.

Joe Straus Supported Planned Parenthood Backed Sex Education; HB 1842 (2007):

Denial of Voting Rights on State Board of Education (SBOE):

Committee Chair Split & Liberal Power:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Community Considers Joe Straus a Friend:

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