Texas Values Town Hall Sheds Light on AISD’s Radical Sex-Ed Plans

Last night, Texas Values held a successful Town Hall for Austin ISD parents to learn the truth about the radical, pro-LGBT sex education curriculum being proposed by the district. With the help of Concerned Parents of Texas, the event shed light on the dangerous and age inappropriate materials that Austin ISD had proposed. Texas Values Policy Director Nicole Hudgens moderated the panel of speakers, and Texas Values Vice President David Walls shared an account of his own experiences with AISD’s lack of transparency

Parents were allowed to ask questions and see up close the explicit and radical education AISD is proposing to teach children. Many parents were shocked to learn that the school district relies on questionable “national” standards that do not comply with the state law requirement of teaching abstinence. The audience also learned the medical inaccuracy of the sex education program as well.

Texas Values admonished parents to hold AISD accountable for not allowing parents to adequately review the materials and give their input on what would be appropriate for children to learn and that would not indoctrinate them on sexual orientation and gender identity.

AISD has now indicated they will not use Planned Parenthood’s Get Real curriculum (as they had originally proposed) because of SB 22, a new law recently signed by Governor Abbott that prohibits local governments from buying materials from abortion providers. Texas Values and Texas Values Action worked hard this past legislative session to help get SB 22 passed. AISD has now stated that “staff” are rewriting the curriculum for both grades 3-5 and 6-8, and the district now claims they will allow parents to review all materials before adopting them later this year.

Parents and citizens must continue to stay engaged as concern remains that the rewritten curriculum will likely be just a radical as Planned Parenthood’s Get Real. Texas Values urges parents in Austin to attend upcoming school board meetings, including the next meeting on Monday, August 26, to voice their concerns.

We continue to encourage our supporters to contact the AISD board and urge the board to scrap the proposed curriculum and completely start the process over by listening to parents.

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