Texas Values Testifies at Austin ISD Against Radical Sex-Ed

AustinISD bus (620-280)

Earlier this week, Austin ISD voted unanimously to adopt radical new sex education standards modeled by Planned Parenthood and the LGBT lobby which begin in elementary school. In middle school (ages 11-13) students will now learn about “sexual orientation and gender identity” and emergency contraception.

The school district faced backlash last year after they refused to have parental input in their sex-education curriculum discussions and in response, sent out a survey to parents. Unfortunately, the fundamentally flawed survey only gave options to parents when the LGBT agenda and dangerous sexual activity should be discussed, not if those topics should be discussed in schools.

Texas Values and other concerned parents were on hand to testify against these proposals but unfortunately, the board claimed: “Austin values are not Texas Values” and adopted the standards, which will now direct the writing of curriculum.

You can see video of our testimony below.

February 25, 2019 AISD Regular Meeting from Austin ISD TV on Vimeo.

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