Texas Values’ Statement on President Biden’s New LBGT Executive Order

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Austin, TX, June 16, 2022 – Texas Values released a response to the new LBGT Executive Order signed yesterday by President Biden.

Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz responded:
“While Texas families are struggling under the weight of $5 gas, the Biden administration is launching a desperate gift to groups that promote pornography to our children in libraries and help men take scholarships from female student athletes. Take what happened recently at a “Drag Your Kids to Pride” event in Dallas where children were encouraged to put money down the very revealing outfits of drag queens in an adult bar. There’s no pride in this obvious political and dangerous stunt; one that is vigorously opposed and has no merit in law.”

Texas Values will continue to focus on issues impacting faith, family, and traditional marriage, as children need the qualities both mother and father bring to bear in family life.

To set up an interview with Mr. Saenz or a member of the Texas Values staff, please contact media@txvalues.org.


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