Texas Values Marches with Thousands in Support of Life at Texas Capitol

Austin, Texas – Texas Values staff, along with thousands of other Texans and millions of Americans marched in Washington DC at the National March for Life and Saturday at the 2020 Texas Rally for Life in memory of the millions of aborted children and to call for an end to this unjust practice.

Texas Values President and attorney Jonathan Saenz has been part of the process of passing pro-life bills at the Texas Capitol since 2007, including the Choose Life License Plate bill, the Sonogram Bill, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, and numerous other efforts that stop taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. Mr. Saenz also successfully won a lawsuit against the University of Houston, while he was a law student, to protect the free speech rights of the pro-life group he was leading, the Pro-Life Cougars. He has also served as an attorney for abortion survivor Gianna Jessen.

Jonathan Saenz said “Standing for faith, family, and freedom, begins with protecting life. Why we march is to be a voice for the unborn child.”

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Policy Advisor for Texas Values said “Today we march for empowerment because we know that life empowers. Pro-life is pro-woman, pro-child, and pro-opportunity to enter the world.”

Speakers at this year’s rally in Texas include Congressman Chip Roy, State Representative Jeff Leach, and abortion Survivor Claire Culwell. President Trump was the first sitting President to address the March for Life in Washington DC.


About Texas Values

Texas Values is the largest statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to standing for faith, family, and freedom in Texas. More information is available at txvalues.org.

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