Texas Values and Friends Fight to Save Women’s Sports in Texas House

Texas Values and friends like Beth Stelzer, founder of Save Women’s Sports and professional powerlifter, on April 20th powerfully testified in favor of HB 4042 by Texas Representative Cole Hefner to defend girls from an effort to force them to compete against biological males in women’s sports. This alarming effort to create unlevel playing fields ends fair competition, steals athletic opportunities, and ultimately destroys women’s sports.

“Save Women’s Sports commends Texas for tackling this sensitive issue. We should not wait idly until females in Texas are injured or all of their records are held by males, to do something. If we continue to allow males to compete in female sports it will be the demise of female sports.” Beth Stelzer, founder of Save Women’s Sports and professional powerlifter who testified today at the Texas Capitol in favor of HB 4042. See her statement here

“I’m only a competitive woman who wants to compete against other highly motivated biological women under equal circumstances for the love of sports.” Jade Dickens, Texas resident and powerlifting world champion national record holder and coach who testified today in favor of HB 4042.  

“HB 4042 protects the achievement of Title IX. Without it, girls will lose scholarships, career opportunities, and the right to win.” said Texas Values policy advisor Mary Elizabeth Castle.

Women deserve to compete on a level playing field and shouldn’t be spectators in their own sports. SB 29, the Senate companion bill to HB 4042, by Texas Senator Charles Perry has already passed the Senate by a vote of 18-12. Both of these bills apply to high school sports only, not college sports, and makes it clear that an athlete plays in a sport based on their sex as indicated on their birth certificate nearest to birth. There are over 30 states that are considering similar legislation. Three states; Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, have already taken steps to protect girls and women in law with similar legislation and Texas Values continues fighting for Texas to be next.


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