Texas Speaker Race Update: George Strake Jr., Others Join Letter Calling for Conservative Speaker

George Strake, Jr. former Texas Secretary of State, and former Republican Party of Texas Chairman, has now added his name to the letter first released last week, asking for a conservative Texas Speaker of the House. Many other leaders have now added their names as well, since the initial release last week.

Click this link for the letter showing all current supporters. ConservativeSpeakerLetterUpdateSignatures11102010

The letter, first released last week was “re-released” today, reflecting additional persons who have signed onto the letter, after its initial release. 

This letter, calling for a conservative Texas Speaker of the House, now has the support of 115 “movement signers” — that’s 27 “organization” representatives, 33 Republican leaders, and 52 tea party organizers/leaders.

Also, nearly 1,900 people have signed the www.ConservativeSpeakerMandate.com website.

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