Texas Social Studies Update: What the Media Isn’t Telling You-Part 1

Recently, the Texas State Board of Education met in Austin to hold a public hearing on the issue of proposed changes to the statewide curriculum standards (TEKS) for the areas of K-12 Social Studies (including Government and History).

 If you read the media stories the following day after this hearing, chances are, you didn’t read anything about what i am about to tell.

This is the first time there has been a public hearing and discussion on the new updated version of the proposed curriculum changes, since the SBOE last met in September.  You’ll remember, that the SBOE was bombarded with calls and attention from people all across Texas because a curriculum review committee recommended that Christmas and numerous notable figures be removed from the Social Studies curriculum.  Some of those name and figures were Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, and such notable days like Veterans Day and Independence Day were removed from parts of the curriculum.

There were at least 23 people signed up to testify at the recent November SBOE hearing on this issue, and most were there to voice their concern about these proposed changes listed above. 

But, if you relied on your traditional media outlet, you heard nothing about it.  Actually what you probably heard or read in relation to the Social Studies issues, was not even part of the actual hearing on the Social Studies issue.

Check back later this week for more on this issue.

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