Texas House Members Phone Number List: Ask for a Conservative Texas Speaker of the House

Many people have called and ask for phone numbers to contact their Texas House Member about the Speaker of the House issue.

Here is the new phone number list, updated with the new House members elected in November of 2010, as well.


Is your House member suppporting Joe Straus for Texas Speaker of the House?  You may be surprised so you’d better check the list.  The following House Members were listed as supporting Straus but have now made it clear they are no longer on the Straus support list: Paul Workman (says he hasn’t made a final decision), Larry Gonzales, Jodie Laubenberg, Ken Paxton, Tan Parker, Bryan Hughes, Bill Zedler, Debbie Riddle, Randy Weber. You’ll see lines drawn through their name on this list.  There are also numerous other Texas House members who never pledged to Straus, so their name is not on this list as well.

The rest of the Texas House members on this list, still support Joe Straus for Speaker. Also, Rep. Beverly Wooley asked that her name be added to the Joe Straus Support List.  She is not reflected on this list as it was produced by Speaker Straus before Rep. Wooley announced her support.  See for yourself.


Don’t know who your Texas House member is?  Click here.

What are the concerns about Joe Straus for Texas Speaker?  See here-THE CASE AGAINST JOE STRAUS FOR TEXAS SPEAKER

Representatives Ken Paxton and Warren Chisum are also running for Texas Speaker of the House and are widely known as true conservatives.

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