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Texas Senate Redistricting Map & Budget Issues Take Center Stage in Texas House Today

May 20, 2011
Topic: Update
Follow along here as the Texas House takes up SB 1811, SB 1581, and SB 31 (Senate Redistricting Map). Picture of 700+ pages of SB 1811...

Religious Freedom Vote Results From Texas House

May 16, 2011
Last Friday, the Texas House of Representatives voted 82-32 on the religious freedom protection constitutional amendment, coming up short of receiving the 100 votes of the...

Religious Liberty Constitutional Amendment, HJR 135, scheduled for vote today

May 11, 2011
HJR 135 is scheduled for a vote by the full Texas House today.  HJR 135 provides specific protection for religious freedom in the Texas Constitution.  A state religious...

Governor Perry issues statement on Sonogram Bill

May 3, 2011
Topic: Update
Governor Perry issued a statement today on the Senate’s passage of Sonogram Legislation: “The Texas Senate has taken admirable action today by passing this significant sonogram...

Choose Life bill Up For Debate and Vote

May 3, 2011
Topic: Update
Update: Passed, 94-29. Great Job Rep. Larry Phillips!   And Senator John Carona. HB 238, SB 257, Choose Life license plate bill up for vote and debate...

Texas Sonogram Bill Passes Senate on Final Vote (Third Reading)

May 3, 2011
Topic: Update
Vote once again was 21-10.  If Texas House concurs with the Senate on this bill, it will be done and headed to Gov. Perry’s desk for...

Choose Life License Plate Vote Expected Today!

May 2, 2011
Topic: Update
HB 238/SB 257 which creates a specialty license plate with the message “Choose Life” and promotes alternatives to abortion, is on the House Calendar today for...

Texas House Passes Budget With No New Taxes: Defunding of Planned Parenthood Begins

April 5, 2011
Topic: Update
Last Friday, the Texas House passed a budget to live within our means, with no new taxes, during this tough time and also started the defunding...

Opportunity to Defund Planned Parenthood Is Now; Vote Is Tomorrow

March 31, 2011
Topic: Update
Tomorrow, the Texas House will debate and vote on HB 1, the general budget bill (appropriations). We need your help to cut spending and defund Planned...

Voter I.D. Passes Texas House, 101-48

March 23, 2011
Topic: Update
SB 14 has already passed the full Senate.  Could one of the first bills signed by Gov. Perry.