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Texas Choose Life License Plates Now Available!

November 30, 2011
Helping spread the pro-life message has never been easier as the Texas Choose Life specialty license plate is now available to order online and at each...

Weekly Legislative Update Video

March 18, 2011
Topic: Update , Videos
Legislative update video for the week of March 14-18. http://www.youtube.com/wwatch?v=vOhjKt8eLMc

2009 Texas Legislative Session Summary

June 11, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here for our summary. http://txvalues.org/2009/06/04/texas-legislatve-session-summary-taxes-rejected-family-values-protected/

Texas Legislative Session Summary: Taxes Rejected, Family Values Protected

June 4, 2009
Topic: Update
             From the front lines of the Texas Legislature:  Despite a change in D.C. and a more liberal coup in the Texas House (which helped many...

Urgent Action Needed! McLeroy, Choose Life Plate, Ultrasound Votes!!

May 24, 2009
Topic: Update
Call YOUR STATE SENATOR NOW AND  ASK HE/SHE TO : SUPPORT DON MCLEROY FOR SBOE CHAIRMAN-he’s been under attack by one Austin fringe group for his personal...

Action Alert!! We Need Calls/Emails: Religion, Babies, & Taxes!!

May 21, 2009
Topic: Update
1.  Don McLeroy, State Board of Education member, needs your help to be CONFIRMED as chairman of the SBOE, which requires a 2/3rds of the 31...

SBOE Attack Vote Should Come Today, Infanticide Draws More Scrutiny

May 5, 2009
Topic: Update
HB 710, which strips voters from of their role as deciding who is doing the best job of representing them at the State Board of Education,...

Action Item! ‘Choose Life’ Plate Could Get Senate Vote This Week! Call your Senator!

April 28, 2009
Topic: Update
The Texas Senate just cleared the way for the full Texas Senate to vote on the “Choose Life” license plate bill, SB 1098!  It could be...

House Member Seeks to Conceal Critical Voting Information: Update from HB 420 Hearing

April 27, 2009
Topic: Update
Update-we testified against this bill. After Rep. Donna Howard said that voters usually have little information about SBOE members, it made my main point easier —...