Straus Support Falling Apart, Ken Paxton Will Run For Texas Speaker

We’ve said from the beginning to State House members, when it comes to the Texas Speaker of the House issue, listen to the voters, to your constituents.  Texas voters delivered a victory at the polls for conservatives.  That’s what they expect for the leader of the Texas House, as well.

Have you told your State House member that you want a conservative for Texas Speaker of the House? Click here to make contact.

Rep. Bryan Hughes heard from his constituents, and pulled his pledge.  See his letter here. BryanHughesWithdrawsSupportFor Straus

We have also heard that another Republican House member said the pledge to Straus was still intact, but when this member was asked if pledge means an actual vote for Straus, the response was-“I will listen to my constituents.

Yet another member is also listening to the people, and that is Republican State House member, Ken Paxton, who made it official today:  he’s running for Texas Speaker of the House.   Add Paxton to the growing list of House members who were on the support list for Straus, that Straus released last week within hours of a historic Republican resurgence in the Texas House, gaining over 20 additional seats.  Just yesterday, Rep. Bryan Hughes pulled his pledge from Straus, following Rep. Debbie Riddle, who last week asked that her name be removed from the Straus support list.

Courtesy of the Texas Conservative Coalition website: “State Representative Ken Paxton was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2002 and is currently serving his 4th term representing district 70.  Ken Paxton received his BA and MBA from Baylor University.  Representative Paxton also earned a law degree from the University of Virginia Law School in 1991. He and his family live in McKinney, Texas.  Rep. Ken Paxton has fought tirelessly against property taxes.  He authored and passed HB 1038, requiring county chief appraisers when determining the market value of a residence homestead to not exclude from consideration the values of other property in the neighborhood that sold at foreclosure or that declined in value because of the economy.”

He was elected to his fifth term in November of 2010.

He is well known as a solid, fiscal and social conservative.  See his full release letter here.  Ken Paxton is at the very top of legislative scorecards for actual legislative votes as tallied by numerous leading conservative organizations in Texas. His annoucement includes the message that we have been saying, the voters want conservative leadership and they want their elected representatives to listen. Ken Paxton Speaker Announcement

Like I have been saying since last week, the Texas Speaker race is far from over.  Let me update that: the Texas Speaker Race is just getting started.

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