Texas State Board of Education Must Protect Alamo, Religious Heritage

Texas SBOE sign (620-240)

Perhaps you’ve heard about the movement to remove the word “heroic” from the description of the Alamo defenders in Texas school curriculum. Unfortunately, the Alamo is just the tip of the iceberg. Removing “heroic” is one of many suggestions an unelected advisory work group is making to the elected Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) in an effort to change social studies and history standards in Texas public schools.

The SBOE begins meeting tomorrow, September 11 at 9 AM, and we need you to sign up to speak at the meeting and directly contact your SBOE member today.

But there’s more! Others outrageous recommendations include removing all references to our Judeo-Christian heritage, including Moses, the role Christianity played in the American founding, any religious motive for establishment of the 13 English Colonies, the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, and many, many more. These recommendations are a full frontal attack not only on Texas history, but American history! View all the recommended changes here.

Many of these recommendations seem to come directly from a report by a liberal, anti-religious freedom organization – Texas Freedom Network – which has long sought to rewrite Texas’ history books by attacking our Judeo-Christian heritage and its impact on our laws, government, and founding.

Texas Values will be testifying at tomorrow’s meeting. We ask you to join us, Gov. Greg Abbott, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in the fight to #SaveOurHistory.

1. Please contact the SBOE and immediately ask them to support our religious heritage and reject these shameful attacks by groups who seek to rewrite history. Click here to find your SBOE member.

2. Sign up to testify at tomorrow’s meeting. You must sign up at this link to offer testimony (agenda item #2). Deadline to sign up to testify is 5 PM Monday, September 10th. Even if you can’t testify, please plan on attending the meeting which begins at 9 AM September 11th, at the William B. Travis Building located at 1701 N. Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.

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