Speaker Straus Support Continues to Drop: Republicans Consider a Caucus Vote

Quorum Report is reporting that the Texas House Republican Caucus is considering taking a “straw poll” on whether or not the Republican Caucus should have a caucus vote, to select the next Texas Speaker of the House.

Last session, the Democratic Party essentially selected the Texas Speaker of the House, even though the Democrats did not have a majority of the House members.   The current Texas Speaker, Republican Joe Straus was only able to secure a pledge of 11 Republicans and received support from 65 Democrats, which gave him the 76 votes he needed to become the Texas Speaker of the House. 

Many believe that because Republicans have the majority of the House members, that the Texas Speaker of the House should be chosen by Republicans, and not have Democrats essentially choosing the Republican Speaker of the House.

Tell your Texas House member that you want a conservative Texas Speaker of the House.  Contact information is here. http://capwiz.com/libertyinstitute/state/main/?state=TX&view=myofficials

Sign the letter asking for a conservative Texas Speaker of the House.  www.conservativespeakermandate.com

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