Texas Teacher Unions Endorse Political Candidates, But Claim Politics Shouldn’t Mix With Education

Sounds like a double standard to me.  Texas State Teachers Association and American Federation of Teachers have endorsed Democrat State Representative, Solomon Ortiz, Jr.  These are the same political group and teacher unions that slashed the Texas State Board of Education conservative members with criticism during the battle over social studies.  TSTA and AFT claimed they were against politics in education.  So why are these education groups/teacher unions endorsing candidates for political office?  

I think it is clear, some teacher union groups are all for politics in education when it serves their purpose.  Do they also give money to political candidates?

TSTA has also endorsed Bill White for Governor.  White spent so much time trying to falsely convince people that Thomas Jefferson was removed from the social studies standards( he wasn’t-Jefferson is one of most covered persons in the standards), either on purpose or because his political team of advisors didn’t understand the process, that i think some people are wondering whether or not he is running for Governor or State Board of Education!  http://www.tsta.org/Pressroom/current/TSTA_Endorses_Bill_White_for_Governor1%203.pdf

Click here for Solomon Ortiz, Jr. endorsement by the Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) and AFTSolomonOrtizTeacherEndorsement

For TSTA, it seems some of their main complaints about the social studies standards is that it only included Socialist, Dolores Huerta, once.  They also were outraged that painter, Santa Barraza, was not insterted into social studies standards.  Barazza’s painting work includes a nude painting, which was deemed inappropriate for 7th Grade, according to a 10-4 vote.

Listen up teachers!  This is what your TSTA dues are getting you!  Protection and advocacy for Dolores Huerta, a Socialist, and Santa Barraza.  Money well spent?

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