TX State Board of Ed to Review Radical New Standards

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TX State Board of Ed to Review Radical New Standards

AUSTIN, TX — July 29, 2022 — The Texas State Board of Education will meet next Monday, August 1, at 8 a.m. for a special meeting to discuss the current drafts of the K-12 Social Studies and History standards. Unfortunately, current drafts from the unelected “workgroup members” have deleted religious references like the historical figure of Moses and the national motto “In God We Trust.” Instead, the drafts contain LGBT, Critical Race Theory (CRT) ideology and radical political ideology.

Texas Values will be present and testifying at the meeting to preserve the Christian references and historical figures with shared values in the Social Studies Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Texas Values is also urging all supporters to testify or write their State Board of Education members. The public input period segment of the meeting will only last six hours, so register early if planning to testify.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Senior Policy Advisor for Texas Values, released this statement:

“It is important that Christian values and references are not censored in U.S. History and Government classes just to be politically correct. Social Studies classes should also not be weighed so heavily to one extreme political point of view. It is important that the SBOE gets the standards right so that Texas students can be educated and well-rounded citizens.”

The State Board of Education will take a vote on the K-12 standards for First Reading and Authorization in September and a Final Vote in November. To receive more information about Texas Values’ concerns with the Social Studies standards, please email [email protected] or visit txvalues.org.



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