Santa/Christmas Ban In Texas School District? FWST Says So, Then ISD “Clarifies” Its Position

The Fort Worth Star Telegram posted a story this morning about an apparent (click here) ban on Santa and gift exchanges in the Fort Worth I.S.D. public schools.

It’s sad that a government spokesperson for FWISD has to make it clear that it’s okay for school students to say “Merry Christmas” to each other during the school day.  But of course the left wants you to believe there is no War on Christmas.

The Forth Worth ISD quickly reversed…I mean “clarified” itself shortly thereafter the fire storm of parent outcry and the homepage article started buzzing around.  Here’s the FWISD statement.

FWISD says they have no ban on Santa Claus or Christmas and that gift exchanges are allowed at school, just not during instructional time.

Update: I was just interviewed on the new attacks on Christmas. Look for story at 6 pm tonight on KXAN in Austin.

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