RELEASE: Special Session: Governor Abbott Puts Saving Women’s Sports, Pro-Life Issues, Election Integrity On Call

Austin, Texas – Today, Governor Greg Abbott issued a long-awaited proclamation detailing the scope of the July 8th Special Session agenda and the voices of Texans were heard. Among the issues included on Governor Abbott’s proclamation were prohibiting biological men from competing in biological women’s sports, election integrity, and making it more difficult to obtain abortion-inducing drugs.

President and attorney for Texas Values, Jonathan Saenz released the following statement:

“We are thankful that Governor Abbott specifically called for legislation on saving women’s sports, and to address important pro-life issues. We look forward to getting right to work on these important issues and sending them to the Governor’s desk.”

Governor Abbott’s proclamation called for legislation identical to Senate Bill 29 by Senator Charles Perry during the regular session. Senate Bill 29 applied to high school athletics under the University Interscholastic League. This bill died during regular session in May after running up against constitutional deadlines in the Texas House.

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